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Courses/ Programs


110年度入學 必選修科目表 Applicable for 2022 Fall.pdf  110年度入學 必選修科目表 Applicable for 2021 Fall.pdf    

Applicable for 2020 Fall Applicable for 2020 Fall.pdf  Applicable for 2019 Fall Applicable for 2019 Fall.pdf   


Course Map

Course Map Couse Map.pdf 


Core Abilities

  1. Social care and ability of helping people

  2. Basic skills of medical English

  3. Basic knowledge and application ability of dental and craniofacial imaging, biomechanics and cell biology

  4. Professional knowledge and research capabilities of dental and craniofacial imaging, biomechanics and cell biology

  5. Ability of problem facing, analysis and solving

  6. Evidence-based medicine and professional clinical skills

  7. Lifelong learning and self-development