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Meng-Ling Chiang

E-mail: mlingchiang@gmail.com

Educational Background

  • 1998/09 ~ 2000/06 DDS, School of Dentistry, National Taiwan University
  • 1990/09 ~ 1996/06 School of Dentistry, Taipei Medical University

Employment Record

  • 2012/09 ~ 2013/07 Clinical Researcher in Pediatric and Special Needs Dentistry at the University of Munich, Germany
  • 2010/08 ~ 2013/06 Director of Pediatric Dentistry at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei
  • 2003/07 ~ 2010/07 Attending Physician in General Dentistry at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei
  • 2000/07 ~ 2003/06 Resident Physician in Pediatric Dentistry at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei
  • 1998/07 ~ 2000/06 Part-time Resident Physician in Oral Pathology at National Taiwan University Hospital
  • 1996/07 ~ 1998/06 Resident Physician in Dentistry at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei


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  3. Birlbauer S, Chiang ML, Schuldt C, Pitchika V, Hickel R, Ilie N, Kuehnisch J*. Shear bond strength and microleakage results for three experimental self-etching primer compositions for pit and fissure sealing. Clinical Oral Investigations. 2016 Jul 19. (Accepted). PMID: 27435981
  4. Chiang ML, Hsieh YJ, Tseng YL, Lin JR, Chiang CP*. Oral mucosa lesions and developmental anomalies in dental patients of a teaching hospital in Northern Taiwan. Journal of Dental Sciences, 2014;9(1), 69-77.
  5. Chiang ML, Huang WH*. Odontogenic keratocyst clinically mimicking an eruption cyst: report of a case. J Oral Pathol Med, 2004;33, 373–5. PMID: 15200487
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