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Graduate Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Science



‧1. Improve quality in craniofacial medicine education

a. Competitive students are recruited in multiple ways.

b. Faculty staff is provided with opportunities of professional training.

c. Specialist physicians are trained to enhance their professional improvement skills according to the training curriculum of specialist physicians.

2. Improve quality in craniofacial medicine research

a. Basic and clinical research is integrated to make advances at the frontiers of the craniofacial field.

b. Automation of craniofacial treatments is enabled by computer technology.

c. Various funding opportunities will be inquired to support new research.

3. Participate in the international community of craniofacial medicine

a. Renowned scholars are invited as visiting professors.

b. International graduate students are admitted in the institute. Class lectures are taught in English to cultivate physicians to have an international perspective.

c. International cooperation projects are encouraged to build a more comprehensive and resourceful research environment for our students.
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